Infant Learning

The Active Learning Series is made up of activity books for infants. There are sections to help care for the infantís custodial and developmental care.  Custodial care is the routine care an infant needs, such as being fed and changed.  Developmental care does all those things as well as taking care of the babyís needs to be held, loved and talked to; to be given things to look at and listen to; to play outside of the crib and be given help to do more things on their own. There are activities to simulate all areas of growth: cognitive, physical, emotional, and intellectual.  Babies are learning from the start and our caregivers play a very important part in what they learn.

Each day our infants enjoy a 30 minute stroll outside in the "Bye Bye Buggy."  This delightful time outside not only promotes their health by giving them fresh air and natural Vitamin D from the sunshine, it also makes them more aware that we are surrounded in a world filled with beautiful and unusual things.  When they get a little older, they will definitely be asking questions about all these things.